Steffen Engfer

Horses play a major role in my life. Due to the fact that my parents operated an agricultural enterprise with an affiliated horse barn and have both been succesful in equestrian sports, I was affected by horses from my early childhood onwards.    

My interest in equestrian sport grew with the age of ten years at which time I was constantly participating on horse shows with my pony Silver. My ambition spurred me to success and I won my first ribbons. At that time I clearly realized that I want to live for horses all my life.

As time went by and Silver could not support my riding perfomance anymore I received Remus who was known as a perfect training horse. Silver stayed as a good friend of us at our barn. 

To reach the step from medium to high level in show jumping classes the horses Amadeus and Lorina were given to me by my father to support me and my further career.  

At the age of fourteen years, my brother and myself lost our beloved farther way too early. At that time I decided to assist my mother and to continue our parents` lifetime achievement. I concentrated on the horses and finished my school.   

When I was seventeen years old I started my education at Elmar Lesch. I was taught in dressage in the first years by Hans-Jörg Boehner. During this time I was accompanied by my horses Pagena and Guinness.

At the age of eighteen I won my first show jumping class in the highest level with my horse Guinness. As time went by, participation and medals at National and German Junior Championships as well as the success at the "Preis der Besten"  followed.

With nineteen years I finished my education and concentrated on the work with the horses at our barn.

I further need to mention the horses Escallibar and Gyon. These two horses have carried me to countless wins and placings in show jumping and thus the awarding of the "Goldene Reitabzeichen". At this point I would like to express my sincere thanks to family Stürke who provided Gyon to me over the years and thus gave me a memorable time.

I further need to express my gratitude to my mentors Elmar Lesch, Hans-Jörg Boehner and Tjark Nagel.

A very special thanks goes to my parents who supported me and gave me the chance to continue our families` business. My father taught and forwarded his skills to train young horses to me. As a result of our work many young horses I trained are successful in international sport meanwhile.

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